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SWAHILI!!! 19.04.2008 17:57

Will Pandora have a trailer on Youtube or something?

Gravemind 20.04.2008 14:17

yes swahili!!!! im working on it for the first 30 second teaser

SWAHILI!!! 20.04.2008 15:28


Can't wait to see it

rhonkar 20.04.2008 15:48

Well, I would love to do one when you'll have finished the Pandora mod ;)

Also, it makes me think : do you know how to convert videos recorded in game (they are in REC), because I found no way to convert those damned REC files! :cursing:

Chris Gi 21.04.2008 13:05

AFAIK, these REC-files aren't video files, but contain information about how a ship moves and what it does. But I don't know the exact file format, I think they can't be used outside of the X2 game engine.

Graceburn 21.04.2008 13:32

Yep, otherwise you would be able to engage the SETA or move the camera around during the recording, a poor effort from ego, I think :(

rhonkar 21.04.2008 23:45

Well so what they did is useless, and using another software is really annoying me with my "so powerful" computer :D

Gravemind 22.04.2008 07:49

i could make an gmax cutscene and put it in X2 i just replace it with the trailer at the start of X

Gravemind 07.05.2008 06:34

Teh V!d3o is Nearly Finished just wait 3 Weeks then i got it.

Perfection needs Time :thumbsup:

rhonkar 09.05.2008 23:34

Cool, I'm impatient to see this one! :thumbsup:

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