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eescoto71 28.10.2009 00:44

Terrans, You have to include yourself.
Wouldn't it be awesome if just like X-Tended, Terran were in X2 Pandora? I mean, I've seen some screen shots of ships that seem human in design, but are not similar too any other races in X2. I think that would really be awesome. K, thanks, Bye.

Adlantis 28.10.2009 01:26

Re: Terrans, You have to include yourself.
Well, we discussed this several months (or even years :D) ago and we decided not to include Earth or the Terrans...
I can't remember the exact reasons for this but I think it was because we didn't want to interfere with the X-Series' Basic Timeline (the Terrans first appearance is in X3 after all...)

Concerning the Ship-Designs: We changed some of the Ship-Designs in the Game... Paranid Ships for example are mostly white now instead of the Brownish-Color they have in Vanilla X2...

btw. Great Sig! ^^

Shadow dream 28.10.2009 12:52

AW: Terrans, You have to include yourself.
In one part the reasons were the X-story-line (as Adlantis said) and on the other part it was a matter of textures. Since X2 can't add new textures we have to replace old ones. and for example making Earth needs a texture that would be used only one time. that's a waste of texture-slots...
Further we thought "if terrans and earth stuff where everywhere it wouldn't be spechial anymore ..."


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