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karbon 04.02.2009 09:39

Im running a clean install of X2 The Threat, but every time I try to run TopGun it crashes, be it a new game, or a load on a save

Edit: never mind I found out the problem

Gravemind 04.02.2009 11:09

AW: Crashing
Please write your Systemspecifications in. Maybe your System isnt High enough or your Graphic Card makes errors.

karbon 04.02.2009 11:15

Re: Crashing
ah I got it working :p just have some frame rate issues which fix themselves when things are loaded

All in all its pretty class. lovin' this mod

the problem was I forgot to check [Ignore last settings and start with default]

after I clean installed the game. but as said, works like a charm now :cool:

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