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Chris Gi 11.06.2008 13:30

Welcome to X2-Pandora Forum
X2-Pandora is a new Mod for X2 and is still in development. It is made by a small, international team of people who are convinced that X2 has reached - although already a great game with great additions from the community- both graphically and with regards to game play not it's full potential.

What is planned for X2-Pandora?
  • X2-Pandora comes with its own story: this story can be played with or without the story of X2, or it can be left out completely. However, you then miss some important things.... The story also brings back the xenon and pirates to the game in more important roles - the Khaak get competition.
  • new ships which aren't available in any other Mod.
  • new stations
  • a new map - because we want it to be compatible with the X2-story, it is based on the X2 map, but it's enlarged, with additional sectors and designs
  • a dynamic universe which is partly configureable - no map is like an another, and some things in universe change while others stay the same - almost like in real life
  • several exclusive AL-Plugins
  • graphic enhancments
As already mentioned, this mod is still in the development phase. A release date is not set yet, and this will not be in the near future. And we don't want to set a release date - the Mod is fiinished if we think that it is stable enough and no more bugs are found. There are no alpha or beta versions available, except if you are willing to help actively in the Mod - modders and scripters are still urgently required.

If you still have questions or ideas or ever wanted to see something specific in a X2-mod, please feel free to post your questions or ideas.
And if you want to be a part of the modding team, please write briefly down what you are able to do. Even if you are no modder or scripter, but you are good at writing texts (for example), you're more than welcome.

And now, have a lot of fun in the forum!

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