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rhonkar 12.04.2008 16:40

Question about mods!
Well, there is a Mod I would like to take from the German section, but no "t" file, I know that there is a way to extract the "t" file, and I tried a lot of things, but it doesn't work! Can you explain me how to extract the "t" file from a mod?

Chris Gi 12.04.2008 18:42

You need either X2Archiver or X2ModManager from here (site seems to be temporariy down at the moment).

rhonkar 12.04.2008 23:42


Originally Posted by Chris Gi',index.php?page=Thread&postID=2048#post2048]You need either X2Archiver or X2ModManager from [url='http://www.doubleshadow.wz.cz/index.php?p=download
here[/url] (site seems to be temporariy down at the moment).

Ok thanks, even if I don't need it any longer, it always can be useful, and moreover, when I'll have to translate!

Thanks Chris (oh and good mod the SG Mod by the way) :thumbsup:

Chris Gi 12.04.2008 23:54

Welll, it's J.L.'s work. I was never really interested in the mod, I just helped J.L. when he was in trouble because his computer crashed. Most of the work is his. But I gave him a part of Pandora, and that helped very much :D .

rhonkar 13.04.2008 13:32

Well it still means that you have a part in this one! ;)

And first time I see a new galaxy, I'm pretty impressed of what can be done! That's promising for Pandora :thumbup:

Graceburn 03.05.2008 04:47

Another Question
Can someone send me links to all the good x2 mods that changes or adds almost everything? I'm talking about mods like top gun or pandora when its done. The EGO forum is just a little hard to navigate ATM. :D

rhonkar 03.05.2008 13:14

There is a selection of all mods, but some links are unfortunately broken ;(


Graceburn 04.05.2008 04:43

i meant direct links to total conversion mods, thanks anyway

Chris Gi 04.05.2008 11:21

There are not many total conversion mods for X2. Most of the mods specialize on a particular field. Mods like NeoTex just change a view textures for the ships, the "High definition" mod changes textures for backgrounds and planets. Other mods add a few ships, and Mauzi's Rebalance Mod changes stats for the ships (and prices of wares).

Beside Top Gun, the only other mod that comes close to a total conversion mod is DeadlyDa's Ship & Station Mod. (Sorry, no direct links right now, because Ego-Forum is down).

rhonkar 06.05.2008 16:39

Well there is also the SG Mod available on the German section, however it is for fans of stargate, and also, there is still the same weapons as in the vanilla game!

Well I belive Terradine changes a lot of things to, but I'm not sure as I haven't find it yet!

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