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Gravemind 07.11.2008 18:16

AW: pandora missions on x3tc?

Originally Posted by Shadow dream (Post 11420)
[Just a guess: The more X3 we can put in X2, the more people will probably play X2 again. The thing I like most on X3 is, that you have a realy good universe view. If I look at the planets I think "wow, that looks soo cool", If I look at the ship textures I think of the same. (what I like most is, that some sectors are very bright. You see a lot more of the ships - even if in reality it isn't like that, it just looks good) We are limited, that's true. But even though there's a lot we can get out of X2, and that's exactly what we want to do! And we are getting closer step by step!]

yes.... it must be amazing graphics.... punch all models and textures to hdr to the x2 engine limit, and give a good plot/sectors/new features/new GUI/ tons of scripts that makes the game more realistic and fun.

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