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SWAHILI!!! 12.03.2008 13:15

Are there any other screenshots of ships other than the 12 in the gallery?

Gravemind 19.03.2008 16:46

nope sry our best 3D model artist is gone and he got much new ships for the mod but we dont got the files of the ships :( :( :( :(

Chris Gi 20.03.2008 00:32

I just uploaded some more pictures: Khaak Clusters, the argon ships by Matrix, and a picture of a hornet missile with trail.
And I did a little trip to the pirates to bring back an first impression of fights (in the screenshot section).

The Argon Buster MK2 uses an engine trail that is intended for use with Split ships. This is some work in progress. I don't like the cockpit textures on the Argon Models, I will replace them with the transparent texture seen on the Boron Octopus (used by many models).

SWAHILI!!! 20.03.2008 00:39

I just saw them, and they look great!
However, the second picture of the Kha'ak Cluster doesn't work, it only loads about the first inch of the picture, then the rest is blank.

The sector backgrounds look really cool!

Chris Gi 20.03.2008 00:44

Fixed it! Thanks for the hint!

I just realized it's the same picture as Khaak_Cluster5, so I removed it.

SWAHILI!!! 20.03.2008 01:56

Just saw the new screens.

The transparency patch is pretty cool!
Can't wait to try this mod out!

Chris Gi 21.03.2008 13:11

Uploaded a picture of Teladi Phoenix with a new texture. What do you think of the new texture? I'm not sure about it....

SWAHILI!!! 21.03.2008 13:18

Well, I think that the phoenix looks pretty good.

Keep up the good work!

Adlantis 21.03.2008 15:29

I've uploaded three Wip Screens of the Paranid Odysseus mk2 ^^
(Currently without Textures)

SWAHILI!!! 21.03.2008 21:53

Looks pretty good!

Did you see the screens of Nathan's Vision under the Pandora Screenshots section of the gallery?

I am very proud to say that I modded that sector using the Galaxy Editor :D

I've changed some other sectors, but Chris is having problems finding them (tech problems in the directions), and he said he might take some screenshots of the other sectors I made (I can't, don't know how to take screenshots on a mac, or if its even possible).


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