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Default AW: Mod Testers

Originally Posted by Gravemind
I think its time for a Closed Alpha
Well, I think, it's not even time for that.

At the moment, we're working on the new version V0.2, that has some important changes. This changes are on a low-level basis with quite some implications for the whole game. This version is the basis for all future work.

Version V0.2 will result in poorly equipped ships. We then have to rebalance all ships and finish some basic modelling, especially turrets for the big ships.

The same holds for the scripts. They are undergoing dramatic changes at the moment. And the more advanced scripts are not

Until this process is over, I don't see any use in testing things on a more global basis. But as soon as it's finished, we are in sour need of testing. ranging from simple docking tests (can every M5 ship dock on and undock from every M6 ship and so on) to the economic balance of the universe.

This testing can be a real burden, because every now and then we change things that break savegame compatibility and thus require a restart.

If this information doesn't scares you too much, you're very welcome to do some testing (if noone has any objections?) . But first we need to rework the basic balancing....
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