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Default We need help with some of the in-game texts!

We are working on a whole lot of texts, and we could use some help. If you feel inspired, please feel free to post your texts here. We are always looking for:
  • Sector names (and the respective descriptions)
  • BBS-News
  • Message sent to the Player
  • Mission descriptions
  • and other stuff

Of course, if you have made any text, you will be credited

Currently, we need some texts that are connected to the fact that pilots eject from the ships who can be picked up and brought to other stations.

1. The ejected pilot sends an SOS call. What does he say?
2. If it takes too long, the pilot dies because of lack of oxygen. You still can pick up the dead body and bring it to a station. If you hand over the corpse to the authorities, you might occasionally get a message from the pilot's family. What message do you get?
3. If the pilot's still alive, you can let him go on some station. He will send a message, thanking for his rescue. What does he say?
And from time to time, he's very thankful and gives you some of his money. What message do you get then?
4. Instead you could held the pilot for ransom. You tell the pilot's family where to meet and how much money you want. The pilot's family may accept this and send you a message when they will arrive at the meeting place. What message do you get?
But some families will reject to pay. What message do you get then?

We need different messages for the different races, i.e.
  • Argon
  • Boron
  • Split
  • Paranid
  • Teladi
  • Goner
  • Pirates

I'd would be very nice, if someone comes up with some good texts...
Beside: you don't need to write a text for all suggestions. Every little bit helps...
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