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If you like the idea too, we need a procedure.
My proposal is:
  1. First we need the "raw forms" of the texts. This is the task of the scripter.
  2. These raw forms must then be distributed and translated into the appropriate "languages".
  3. The individual translations must be collected and integrated in a t-file.

However, how do we make this? Does anybody know the syntax of t-files?
How do we distribute the "raw forms"? Who makes which race? Should the texts in BBS be race-specific, too? And if they should, all texts or just specific ones? Because in the black board you see both mission offers (which are made by the owners of a station, i.e. race-specific), and news texts - e.g. about Sector 21 terrorist or messages from any exciting fights, e.g. news of the border wars: "Heavy losses by a xenon attac"
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