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What have you guys done!

Its no X2 no more... its X2.5... it looks... beautifull.
*Currently having a really emotional moment here*

The nature of space looks so more better now, I cant wait to try this out when I get my new computer done up. I cant wait to draw pirates or enemies into those asteroid fields either!... Its going to be like the Millenium Falcon from starwars when it flies into the asteroid field.

All you need now is a sector size asteroid field and maybe a debree field in an unknown sector

The ships design (Paint wise) look a bit plain but, the models look cool. I was looking at the Teladi Buzzard in Harlocks TGM 2.7 and noticed how alot of the Teladi ships have a similiar design from their different classes.

How will Pandora fair on more laggy systems? I may not have my new computer up and about for around 2 months
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