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Default AW: Re: We need help with some of the in-game texts!

Originally Posted by immortalfrieza View Post
For these, how about...

1. Priest Emperor save us!
2. You have failed, the Priest Duke will hear of your heresy!/ There is no shame for your failure.
3. On behalf of the Priest Emperor the Paranid praise your actions.
YES: The Priest Duke has use for this one. We will pay. Take Paranid to "Sector" "Station."
NO: The Priest Emperor has no need for this heretic!

1. Please! Take me to jail, enslave me! Just don't leave me to die out here!
2. You Bastard! They're dead! You'll pay for this!/ Another fool is space debris... Muhuhahaha!!!
3. The boss will have this idiot swabbing ships for 10 years, but thank you.
YES: Fine, we'll pay. That idiot is lucky he's the bosses second cousin or we'd leave him to rot! We'll pick him up in "Sector" "Station"
NO: Pay to get that fool back?!? No way! He might as well be space dust!

1. Split need help!
2. You fail Split! Begone!/ Split know you try to help
3. Split Dynasty thanks you!
YES: That Split of powerful family! Split pay. Take Split to "Sector" "Station."
NO: That Split of worthless clan! That Split no value to Split Dynasty!

And one more, what about capturing pirates to turn them in for bounties?

We are happy to have this vagrant off the space lanes, here's your money.

Boron: The Kingdom is grateful to see this aggressor in custody, take you credits.
Goner: Holy Light bless you for bringing this one who has gone astray here to be saved. A small donation shall be
given to you.

The Priest Duke thanks your efforts to prevent this heretic from spreading his heresy further. Take your credits and go.

Split: The Split Dynasty thank you for your help. Take credits.

Teladi: Your help hasssss ssssaved the Teladi much profit. The Teladi company givessss ssssome profit to you in thankssss.

So, what do you guys thing? How's that work?
Fine. There is only one little problem...

Sorry, but all these things have been totaly changed since this post startet and must be translated from german first. These things are in the restricted dev area for dev members. Talk to guennie he will give you material for audio. I start translation to english again, when Im done with the german localisation(soon) or someone helps me translating.

The things here in the public dev are very old and no more used in the mod. Before you are working with any texts, please ask me first, to get the actual version.
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