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Default Re: AW: Re: AW: How's Pandora's progess coming?

Originally Posted by Guennie1568 View Post
You have a mic? Thats great!
If you have cooledit, you must set your mic as standard audio input hardware.
Then press the record button (red point) and speak some text.
But you do not need this program. You can use every audio editor like Audacity ( or the simple windows audio recorder. For editing the file(s) you can send the files to us (Chris Gi, Shadow Dream or me). We have CoolEdit/Adobe Audition and the scripts from egosoft.
Perhaps you can send some test recordings? So we can hear it and look for good texts for your voice. Perhaps one or more main characters?
Our (main) plots are very audio heavy.
Yeah, I've got audacity, so that might work. I'd only use free audio programs though

Could you send me a PM of a few sample lines I could record and then send to you? That'll give me something to work off of.

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