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Default AW: AHHH can't get this mod to work, ripping out my hair.....AHHHH save my hair!!!

No, Gravemind is wrong. You need to put the files into the mods directory of your X2 path.

I don't know why, but some people have problems with the TopGun Mod. When you get the starting screen of X2, check "Ignore last settings and start with default". This seems to help.

Of course, you need the download from this site, because the original download from has a slight issue, and Harlock didn't upload a newer version.

If you have downloaded the mod and the additional files from here, check "Ignore last settings and start with default", and you still have problems, the best place to ask for help is the TopGunMod-Forum on It's where Harlock is, he may know best what may be causing your problems.
Nevertheless, feel free to post here, we're trying to help, but we're only hosting the mod, we are not the developers of the mod, so our knowledge is limited.
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