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Default Re: AHHH can't get this mod to work, ripping out my hair.....AHHHH save my hair!!!

Hi all. I have a problem with installing this mod. I have X2 1.4 (rus) and all new ships, stations and weapons looks like ReadText-xxxx in object's text ID. I put .cat\.dat files to mods folder, init.topgun.text to scripts folder, 447601.xml to t folder. Then I renamed 447601 to 707601 as said in mod's readme (70 is ID of russian language. I think). Option "Ignore last settings ..." was checked. However, names of mod's objects is ReadText-xxxx. I tried to put 447601.xml text to70001.xml that is in t folder, I got right names of new objects but X2 crashes at doking T_T Can you help me to instal shis mod right? Whad did I wrong? 70 is ID of russian language?

Sorry my English
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