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Default Re: So.. there is life still in the X2 universe?

Thanks for the warm welcome

Yeah.. dbob and other related tools.. that's "next" on my list, I've got 100's of models here from previous projects.. some that you just can't get anymore or were never released (i was wise.. made a few friends lol) i'd love to get some in X2 as some would fit really well.. others not so well.. but they'd look awesome.. I'd be more than willing to extend that usage persision to you guys, I've done my research lol & your about all that's left, For a hand in the process of converting them... but thats at least a month or two away..

I learns quick though.. i'd actually know what to do if the info wasn't going in 3 directions, I own Milkshape (usefull for converting hopefully) and have Gmax installed as well as almost every other Free Modeling proggy available but not Max.. as i've only ever really wanted to convert meshes.. not make my own.. i cant model a brick lmao.. but i can fix a dodgy poly or two and retexture.. even make my own textures.. if i have to but i hate that process as im never happy..

Anyways.. thanks again, nice to see faces/names here whom i've enjoyed reading old Ego posts from (and have leart a bit already from you guys) I'm sure i'll give a shout when i go to far and Ospreys start falling from the sky, or if i see something here i can help with too i'll let ya know

Oh and.. i know your probably thinking this, as i've read stuff here already.. but my script-fu is kinda weak... i can alter scripts to my means.. cheat my bum off and all that.. but my understanding of the language is basic.. this may change as im scripting more.. but i'd rather hardcode something (like ship spawns, ect.. basic stuff thats asked for) into a map.. that i understand lol. I am however palying alot with Exscriptor and ingame setups.. but i was looking for a conflict.. im probably more useful to you guys as a dugbuger to be totaly honest. Working with Freelancer you can only imagine some of the right doozy's ive found and fixed (thats a very, very temperamental engine that..) X2's code is rock solid in comparison.. no stock bugs that only pop up if conditions A meet X when the wind blows slightly southward kinda stuff.. it either works.. or it don't lol.. i like that.

Thanks again, off to give them Pirates a Sulaco... I know that's bad... but i just cant help myself
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