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Default Re: AW: Screens

Originally Posted by Chris Gi View Post
Is this worth the effort with only a few X2 players around? Well, my answer is: yes! I have restarted this game so often, to test those scripts, to test if the configuration values are used correctly - and everytime the sectors look different. Sometimes I don't want to restart again, I want to keep the save, just because some sectors are so awesome.
The most randomization would give, beyond shifting the ecconomic balance, is creating an unknown universe. This would create fertile ground to be explored. Some aspect of the game that the old hand user doesn't know. That is the value I see. You would know better than I as to how compelling that may be.

I have a past background in application development, and I have some time on my hands ATM. If there is a sense of consensus here, I'd be happy to try or help. I don't think JAVA is a good application development language. VB or C++ is the real way to go, but hey, everyone has their preferences.

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