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Default Re: Sector randomization

Thanks Chris, I will be able to look at this when I return from Ireland... currently in the middle of downloading X3 lol. My old X3 is lost and I'm not buying an Irish X3 just incase I have an issue with it when I finish my computer in the UK. See how far I can get on X3 in a week and a half lol.

I could always set the Khaak rep level to 100 instead of it being -100 if you get me. I just need the Khaak to see the player as preferabally [cant spell that word for love nor money lol] friendly but if not neutral. The one issue here is however, you will always start off in Argon prime I think so as soon as you being you recieve a message from the Hive basically saying return to base with the captured discover you have.
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