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It's not a goal, it's just something I decided .
In fact, I'm planning to remodel the Khaak M1, M2 AND the Khaak Station to look more insect-like. And the other side I'm bound by the Khaak M0 model that is used in the last mission of X2 story. Thus the Khaak M1, M2 and M0 will look similar to what they look now, with only minor changes to be in accordance to the new smaller ships.

A possible M6 should fit in the general design of the Khaak. And the dragon from XTM sure is an inspiration. I really like those wings, and I can imagine a combination of these wings and the 'wings' of Khaak M3/M4 to be a guiding line for the design of a possible M6. But I'm not sure what to do with a M6 (except flying around looking cool). It sure takes part in possible Khaak raidings of other sectors. But if we decide to make a Khaak M6, it should be introduced accordingly... The ship would thus not be available from the beginning, but only after a certain event in Pandora story line.

Ah and, I still can't imagine how a 'station ship' should look like...
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