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Default Jumpdrive

I already brought this topic up back in the old forum, but I received only few responses, therefore I want again to put this topic up for discussion - and ask you to participate more active at this talk. Like: "We do want this" or "We don't want this"

The topic is about the abolishment or the limitation of Jumpdrive-use. If you progressed further in the game, you're just jumping across the universe. Distance does not matter anymore, the universe becomes -like somebody in the appropriate X3-Thread in the Egosoft Forum said- "a village". Partly I just relied on my jumpdrive to rescue my freighters at the other end of the universe.

The most annoying thing was, I could jump out of any dangerous situation, the AI did (afaik) nothing and just looked supid. And they never did the same if they were attacked.->Back to the old topic: Imbalance between Player and AI.

And the Jumpdrive is actually the best way to conquer a Sector. President's End showed that there is no effective defense against a fleet jumping into the sector with the jumpdrive.

In the AI-Plugin "Border Conflicts" one race tries to invade a bordering system of an enemy race. This was the reason why I came to this topic. I imagine the attack-fleet assembled in one sector and jumping as a convoy into the bordering sector. If you take human behavior on Earth as base, it's possible to describe their behavior in future. They'll set up Laser Tower defense at the specific gate to measure such an Invasion an eliminate any hostile ship that passes the gate.

With the Jumpdrive such a Defense would be useless, because you could attack through any known gate - and if you use the Mechanism of the Uni-Trader, you could attack even from the Sectors Centre.
With the Jumpdrive it's not understandable, why AI-Trader fly these Suicide-Missions through Xenon-Sectors.

Sure, we can't just abolish the Jumpdrive, because it is essential for the Khaak Missions (well, it isn't anymore because Gravemind connected the Khaak Sectors to the rest of the Universe in our map. One could just fly through the Sectors to the Target-Sector -without Jumpdrive. But this would require a whole fleet.) And the Universe Trade would need to be adjusted because he uses the Jumpdrive too. What cause me more worries are the XI, but we'll need to deactivate them anyhow because it would cause troubles with the "Border Conflicts". Who would want a Xenon Invasion if the Sectors is already under attack by a Xenon Invasion Force wich tries to conquer the Sector.
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