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Default Being able to see yourself in the BBS

I think that it should be scripted in so that people can see their names (and the names of other developers of this mod) in some random BBS story, i.e. something could be used like this for a story in a BBS somewhere:

Graceburn Technologies to Unveil New M1 Ship Class

Daniel Graceburn, founder and CEO of Graceburn Biotechnologies, recently made it public that he has been working on a prototype light M1 Carrier Frigate, and that he will be unveiling the first ship in Argon Prime at the Federal Argon Shipyard Alpha. An exact date is unsure of at the moment, but wherever it is, IBC news will be there!
Or maybe something more like:

A New Sector for the Argon?
Early last Tazura, James Green, owner of Swahili Corperations discovered a new sector bordering Xenon Sector 347. The sector is currently being called 'Leighton's Revenge', but it is unlikely that it will become new Argon territory any time soon, as the Split who own the strand of sectors known as Tkr's Pride are claiming the sector for the Split. Stay tunned to KRC-5, the one and only Space News Station.

And many others like that.

What do you think?
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