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Default Pandora Needs You!...

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Hi everyone,

From what we have all seen Pandora looks to be a great and ambitious mod for X2. Although X2 is behind two much newer games many, (including myself) still see it as the best from the X-series.

With X2's community on the brink of disappearance several mods have been underway. We saw some of the greatest of modders leave X2. However the current X2 community is still holding it together and releasing mods such as Pandora.

With so much work to be added to Pandora the team still require assistance. The Pandora team would like people with the skills of specials effects, scripting and even some modding to come forward and help them in their time of need.

In Pandora every modeller is assigned a race to model. Their are still Argon, Xenon and Khaak which need to be modelled. The team that are already modelling are;
Paranid = Adlantis
Teladi = Shadow Dream
Boron = Chris Gi
Split = Lord Dakier

Don't pass this up just because you don't know a specific part of 3D-modelling or scripting as everyone needs to start somewhere and the team can always help you learn.

Even if you can't model and can only script, at the moment poor Chris is doing all the scripting himself. With the script editor, Chris Gi's support and M.S.C.I handbook it makes learning the art of scripting a good possibility. Don't forget that if you learn something from this such as modelling or scripting they too can be applied to other games aswell.

Anyone loyal to X2 surely could not refuse such a grand offer like this. Anyone who does wish to help out the Pandora team and have their names in the credits should PM any member of team. Pandora are looking for anyone with ideas and someone who may even be willing to learn.

So put down your joystick, turn off X2 for a little bit and get sending those applications cause we all want to see this great and spectacular mod make it through its development stage. While we're at it, why not give those legendary X modders that left X2 a reason to reinstall the game again. Pandora is a beacon of hope for X2 and I respect anyone who will put themselves forward to join the team.

Lord Dakier of Dakier Vassarr Space Industries (V.S.I) Out.
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