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Default X2P - A different Experience

Whats my part in the universe?

You aren`t any longer Julian the superhero, saving the whole universe all alone. There is no Ban Danna or Elana Kho, rewarding you for nothing with stations, ships or a lot of money. There is nobody to show you the way to paradise, you have to fight hard for every damned credit. Each start has its individual story, made for each race and you have to struggle for your position.

Of course there is also the extinction main plot, giving you the choice to unveil the universes darkest secret.

What else? Nothing?

A bunch of minor plots are waiting for you, try them and experience fear, madness and meet a lot of crazy NPC`s. There is a whole new universe to explore!

Always there, ready to entertain you: The PandoRadio with its music, news and specials, the upgraded BBS, the bar and...

... the freedom to be in the X2P universe, whatever you always wanted to be!

Be smart, be cruel, be friendly, be a rascal, be a saint, be a pirate, be a soldier – be everything you want to be!

Any questions? We`ll try to answer.. . without telling too much.
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