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Default My Application


I live in america. I already said somewhere that I'm an experienced programmer. I have a 2 year degree in microcomputer programming (working on a 4 year, not here yet though). I've mainly used C++, but I've touched VB and others too. I've scripted in Python and am very comfortable with scripting as a method of accomplishing goals. I like scripting in the sense that it's quick to learn versus something like c++. I'm not one of those types that thinks scripting sucks because it's a cpu hog. Everything has advantages.

I cam not the most experienced x2 player, b ut I"m a fan of space opera games and 4x space strategy, as well as roleplaying games. I'll have to work on playing more X2, but right now I'm attempting to construct a crew system. I've spent the past few days working on it. I'm not done by a long shot, but it's coming along smoothly sof ar and I'm pleased with results. It looks like something is possible with X2 scripting, even though there're dissapointments along the way. X2 overall is very nice grpahically and polished in media areas. Music and sound are good. Gameplay is extensive.

So I'd like to join and complete a crew system. I'm not good enough to do a mod, and if i tried i'd never finish. Along the way I may find myself in conflict with various in-game elements, and I'll bring that up in the forums. For example, I brough up a topic about a new communication system. I brought this up because I need something like that for hte sourly needed interaction between player and non-player. Aslo there will be many things that the crew need to be able to do, and will have an impact on other things. For example, some crew will have a special characteristic named "Insider". This will create a random chance for the player to receive missions and/or tasks of many types. This obviously has implications beyond the crew system, and would have to be worked out with others. That's partly why I'm joining. I don't want to work in isolation and find out that i'm stepping on toes with these ideas, as thye're quite broad. My whole aim is to construct a crew document that I'll post somewhere, maybe in the forums, that out lines all of this so I can get input from others. The document I have is already ready for browsing, but I'll wait until tomorrow or a few days after that to get post it. I wnat to make sure it's organized and not too thrown together. I want the ideas to be solid before any major coding comes along. And although I am coding right now, it's only things that will be necessary regardless of the end result.

I'm doing all this for free and because I think it's rewarding. The best thign I can imagine is that at the end of this I can say that the crew system reached its goals. As for the pandora mod, I don't really care. If you can use the crew system, fine. Primarily, I just want to have fun developing it and seeing what is possible with the x2 scripting engine.

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Default AW: My Application

hello amadanlegre, we were talking about you in the last few days in the dev section, and we all agree that you can participate at working on our mod.

the most of us accepted you and lets see what chris says
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Default Re: My Application

Welcome to the Team!
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Default AW: My Application

Originally Posted by AmadanLegre
I just want to have fun developing it
That's one of the reason why we are developing this mod - the other is to have fun playing it!

Welcome to the Team .
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