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Default Top Gun Mod V3.0 is out

Top Gun Mod V3.0 released

Harlock has released the newest (and as it seems last) version of Top Gun Mod.

Here's the description he sent to me:

Originally Posted by Harlock
Here is a list of whats new in the mod.

The tshadows and tshadowswithlimits files are GONE! those files were crashing the game for many people and the game picks up the shadows specified bodies anyway.

I was not sending an init script with the mod which would normally activate the argon starbase stuff for the player. That script is now included with the mod and install instructions have been updated for it.

Fixed the argon solar power plant to be lower poly and smaller size, it's actually just a wee bit bigger than the spp from version 2.5 but definitely smaller than the one in version 2.7, also all argon spp have been properly spaced out on the map so no more exploding argon spp:-)

Overhauled the argon sovereign again, this time it's the original mesh except for some very very minor changes, things like position light housings fixed and some hidden polys deleted, This time there is no open docking bay to fly into, the docking point has been tested properly just outside of the docking bay doors and all ships in the mod can dock and undock properly. I think the collision avoidance was going nuts whenever a player changed ship and didn't hit the gas immediately. Also the original textures and their original 2048x2048 size are used this time, quality is so much better now with those original textures.

The sovereign finally has a bridge! it's the default game mesh and textures from bridge commander pc game though:-( Couldn't find a good custom mesh that looked better, was holding out for a user of bridge commander central forums by the name of captain storma but he never shared his work so it was the default or none. Looks ok but man it's hard to fly while inside the ship because the viewscreen is supposed to be the only view outside. I did change the ceiling to look like some kind of viewscreen though so it should help with fighting other capships. Nothings worse than the game AI trying a DFA maneuver on ya:-)

Well thats about it for the update, I wanted to update the paranid capships, make it possible for the xenons to talk, add in those m3+ series of ships, make some light TL class ships etc but I feel like it's time I got into X3 and maybe do that stuff in a mod for X3 instead.
Get it at TopGun Mod Homepage!


Alternate Downloadmirrors:

X Pandora.de - Mirror #1

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